What Is Skin? and Why?

No Really… What is Skin?

Skin is a free WordPress theme that is created for the WordPress community. It is an open source theme, which means that anyone with a self hosted WordPress site can use it for their own website. It is one of the most flexible themes in the WordPress which solves some real pain points of a normal user, that is customization and performance. Skin is built on Bootstrap, fully customizable from WordPress customizer and supports WooCommerece. (BuddyPress & bbPress support are coming soon!). You should check out all the features here.

but why

Why Skin?

I’m are not here to trick you into believing that it’s the most powerful or ultimate theme ever, which are terms commonly used by theme developers. You might disagree with me on this but my intention here is not to bash any premium theme developer, but it is to question the meaning of ‘Powerful’ or ‘Ultimate’ for a theme. Is it just including a third party page builder and a WooCommerece support to it or is it more than that? – I don’t know about you but I think those words mean nothing more than a selling point. Don’t get me wrong, I know, you must be thinking ‘Not all of them are like that’! and you are right on that, there are tons of honest developers in the WP community and I truly admire them for their work.

Ahmed Kaludi & Mohammed Kaludi
Ahmed (left) & Mohammed (Right)

We (me & my co-founder) were just trying to look for answers/solutions to the problems that REAL people are facing. I have interacted and assisted tens of thousands of customers with their problems in my current WordPress startup and have interacted with many WordPress users over 8+ years.

We would often discuss these problems that would frustrate our customers and us personally as well, but we didn’t know what to do with them.

On 2nd December, we were having the same discussions, December is also the month when we finished our 5 years of our WordPress startup. It suddenly hit us that we have got so much over the years and it’s been always about Taking but not Giving, so we come up with this idea to create a theme that we think would help the real WordPress users and we will make it opensource so anyone can use it, just like WordPress!.

…and that’s how Skin got started.