Hey there! We’re so happy to see you! because out of all the things that you could do in the web, you took the time to see the creators behind this little open source project!

If you’ve been wondering why? then you must read the story of why we created Skin theme.

That's us ;)
That’s us ;)

Mohammed & Ahmed started this project out of a humble need to give back to the WordPress community.

Mohammed Kaludi

mohammed KaludiHi, I’m Mohammed Kaludi, 29 years old entrepreneur. Yes, I’m an entrepreneur because of my past work experience. I started my first venture when I was 17 and working ever since, but those ventures were mostly offline.

My first online venture came when I and my brother started Magazine3 in December 2010 (we had few blogs and many other things but I will not call them “ventures”). At Magazine3, we create beautiful premium themes which now serves thousands of customers worldwide. I been working with WordPress for around 5 years now (as of 16 Jan 2016), we decided to give something back to the WordPress community and that’s how Skin was born.

I’m still learning every day to improve my coding knowledge. The whole development on Skin is done by me. I’m a sports addict, I can watch any sports, but I love cricket and football, I follow them very closely.

You can connect with me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

Ahmed Kaludi

Ahmed Kaludi
I couldn’t find a single decent photo, so guess what I did!

I’m Ahmed. I’m 25, Born and brought up in Hyderabad city in India. I’m an Entrepreneur that hustled my way into internet business with the passion for helping others. I’m a workaholic creative mind with never ending curiosity which got me into programming around 8 years ago. I believe in hard work and I actually work crazy crazy long hours. I am passionate about Startups, I love history, watching movies (especially Les Miserables), obsessed with Health & fitness!

I taught myself HTML/CSS/JS and was really fascinated with the concept of programming. Did that for few months and picked up new tools and learned new languages along the way, one of them was WordPress. I have been a WordPress professional ever since and to this date, I have not used anything but WordPress.

Then a couple of years later, I got amazed with UX & Designing, so I started doing that on the side and I quickly realized that I was much better at designing than development. I guess because I’m bad at math or whatever. I can still do the coding part when required, so I consider myself a Hybrid (Yes! that’s an actual thing, google it!).

On July 11th, 2010, I registered Magazine3.com and started working on it as a side. WordPress 3.0 was a rage at that time and I was always passionate about magazine layouts, so again, the initial idea was to create a free theme that helps people create a magazine website with WordPress. 5 months later, we launched Magazine3, not as an individual theme but a theme provider. The experience of those 5 years has made me what I am today. I consider myself very lucky, but then you know what they say “the harder you work, the luckier you get” and I truly believe in that. We had an incredible time working hard on Magazine3, we have been lucky enough to serve thousands of people. There are few people that started off with us and now they have made it big! that’s the proudest moment for me and it is the sole reason why I work this hard!

Now, I have co-started this little project called Skin, which will help many more people in the WordPress community.

I blog at AhmedKaludi.com, you can also find me in the other corners of the web like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dribbble and GitHubGot any questions for me or just wanna say hi? then don’t be shy! 😉